[ANN] XWiki Office 1.1 Milestone 2 Released!

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[ANN] XWiki Office 1.1 Milestone 2 Released!

Florin Ciubotaru
The XWiki development team is pleased to announce the release of XWiki
Office 1.1 Milestone 2.

Go grab it at:

Summary of new features and changes:
- optional startup
- document refresh
- changed Wiki Explorer behavior
- cleaner output
- view active document in browser

- active instances of 1.1 M1 and snapshots are automatically updated
- the 1.1 new features updates will be pushed to 1.0 instances when
version 1.1 final will be available

View detailed release notes at:

For more information about *XOffice* visit:

-The XWiki dev team

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