[ANN] XWiki meetup @ SF in October 2018?

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[ANN] XWiki meetup @ SF in October 2018?

Hi all,

FYI, we are trying to set-up an XWiki meetup next October in the SF bay
area ; see the post below (from [1]):

From October 15th to October 19th, Anca, Ludovic and I will be present
in the San Francisco area after the 2018 edition of the GSoC Mentor Summit.

At this occasion, we would like organize a meetup with any XWiki user or
contributor living in this area to have a beer and discuss about the
project itself, but also about other projects that we are working on,
such as Cryptpad.

We are currently searching for people interested in this event and a
place to organize it, thus, if you live in the SF bay, please don’t
hesitate to ping us in [1] so that we can set-up something more concrete
in the coming days!


Thanks and have a great day,