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Associations between classes

Yves Langisch

I'm looking for a way to define some kind of associations between
classes. Let me explain by an example what I mean exactly:

I want to collect structured data for countries and its regions. To
achieve this I define to classes, CountryClass and a RegionClass (incl.
the sheets and templates). Now the user should be able to create new
country objects _and_ he should have the possibility (in the form
itself) to define which regions belong to a country.

I tried to achieve this by adding a database list property to the
country class with an appropriate hibernate query which selects all
region documents. This let the user select one or more regions for a
country. This is fine so far but

- Is there any more general or a better way to achieve this associations
(e.g. without hibernate queries)?
- How can I adapt my ClassSheet so that the selected region associations
are hyperlinked to the appropriate region objects?


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