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[Blog] Developping an i18n blog


I am currently using XWiki for the website of an hotel which is essentially
practical for its i18n management (the website is available in English,
French, Japanse and Italian). I easily managed to upgrade the PhotoAlbum
application in order to be i18n (titles are i18n keys and body use $msg.get
calls). I really need to have a similar functionnality on the Blog
application. I was wondering how complicated this task is... I tought I
could copy every document in the Blog space to a fresh new I18nBlog which I
could modify. What do you think about it ?

Concerning the way I plan to eventually internationalized the Blog
application is to link each BlogPost to a page that could be translated,
through a dedicated class member. I also noticed that the BlogParameters and
BlogCode should be my first look for adapting the application. Please tell
me if I'm right.

At last, I was wondering about the availability of macros for managing
translations when I plan to adapt the sheet. What also about the edition of
a specific document in the sheet of another one, is it possible ?

Thanks for your help.

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