[Brainstorming] Testing responsiveness of XWiki

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[Brainstorming] Testing responsiveness of XWiki

Hi devs,

So far we don’t have automated tests for testing responsiveness. Some tests are done manually on mobile very infrequently and manually but we should think about improving that.

I guess that a first level would be to use our selenium setup and have some specific junit tests executed with xvnc on CI with a geometry corresponding to a phone, and verify presence of UI elements in those tests.

It should also be possible with pure selenium to verify relative position of WebElement vs one another (e.g. verify that this Panel Div is located  below this Content Div.

Seems there’s a framework called galen that could help express this in a simpler way. I haven’t tried it yet and I don’t know how easy/hard it is to set it up.

* http://mindengine.net/post/2014-01-07-layout-testing-for-responsive-websites-with-selenium.-doing-it-properly/#.WQxZJYmGMk8
* http://galenframework.com/docs/reference-java-tests/

Any comment?