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Change to Ant's build

Hi there,

As I'm porting our build to Maven2, I noticed the following in our Ant's

        <copy todir="${build.dir}/web/WEB-INF/classes">
            <fileset dir="${build.dir}/web/WEB-INF">
                <include name="hibernate.cfg.xml" />

I was surprised to see that we need the hibernate config file in 2 places. I
would have thought that having it in WEB-INF would be enough and that if we
needed to parse it from inside xwiki we could use:

I've chatted with Ludovic yesterday and he said that he doesn't think we
need the one in classes/.

Thus I'm going to try removing it. Unfortunately I don't know if we have
functional tests to prove that it still works so it's possible I'm going to
break something which is why I'm recoding what I'm doing here.

Ideally our CI should run functional tests and let us know if something is



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