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Column20Macro error

Marine Julian

I downloaded the Column20Macro jar and put it in my WEB-INF/lib directory.
Then, after restarting my server, I tried to use it to display two basic
columns but I had this error :

Failed to execute section macro :
org.xwiki.rendering.macro.MacroExecutionException: Section macro
expect at least one column macro as first-level children
        at org.xwiki.rendering.internal.macro.column.SectionMacro.execute(
        at org.xwiki.rendering.internal.macro.column.SectionMacro.execute(
        at org.xwiki.rendering.internal.transformation.MacroTransformation.transformOnce(
        at org.xwiki.rendering.internal.transformation.MacroTransformation.transform(
        at org.xwiki.rendering.internal.transformation.DefaultTransformationManager.performTransformations(
        at org.mortbay.thread.QueuedThreadPool$

It's quite weird because I used two column macro. Here my code :
{{section justify="true"}}
{{column}} a {{/column}}
{{column}} b {{/column}}

When I wrote use only one column macro inside the section one, I didn't have
that error... But until two columns macro, the error appeared...
Did I miss something ?

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