Documentation of Class Properties for Structured Content

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Documentation of Class Properties for Structured Content

If at all possible, is there a more comprehensive look at all the datatypes/properties that a Class can be composed of.

In the DevGuide's Data Model, there is a list of the supported datatypes, but it does not mention any of the options/configurations for the said properties.

An in depth look at these datatypes would be highly beneficial for new XWiki users trying to create structured content, as this feature is one of the main attractions to XWiki.  Some of the datatypes are self explanitory, but others are more advanced, and have configuration options that the average/new XWiki user would not know about.

If anyone has any information on these datatypes, I would be greatly appreciative, or if there is a plan for a more formal documentation of the datatypes, I'm sure many others would be highly pleased as well!

Thanks very much.