Domain name in address bar changed to IP address when you 'Edit' a page

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Domain name in address bar changed to IP address when you 'Edit' a page

Hello community,

I'm not sure if this is a bug, or a feature, but the behavior is puzzling to me.  My company has set our XWiki site on a domain name, which is working perfectly for us.

As you browse through the website, the domain name is always present in the address bar and does not reveal the IP address of the server.  However, when a user elects to 'Edit' a page, they are then transferred to the editor they chose (Wiki/Wysiwyg/objects/etc.), and when they are transferred, the domain name in the address bar is replaced with the IP address.  This behavior is frustrating as we would like to keep the IP address of the server private, so the users are not privy to that information.  Has anybody else experienced this behavior?  And, is there a way to avoid or change this?

Also, I've noticed that all links generated by XWiki use the IP address of the server machine as well.  For instance, when you hover over any of the links generated by the XWiki rendering engine, the address can be seen by the user in the bottom left hand corner in the information panel, and they always use the IP address.  This again defeats the purpose of using a domain name.  Is there a way to change this also?

Thanks in advance