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Jacco Steur
Suppose you want to do the following:

You want to use Wiki to create documents together with colleques. Once a
document is in a final stage (You could set a value somehow using the
templates.) it gets a flag like 'final' or something. All these
documents that are in a final stage can then be published in e.g
forrest. Based on another flag. (the subject) the documents will be
published in a specific tab under the forrest site.

The reason for doing this is that end users only get to see the final
state documents. Somebody with admin rights could decide if a document
is in the final state.

How would something like this be implemented in Wiki. Could somebody
give me an outline of how to do this. I am looking for a way to loop
over all the published documents in Wiki and check for the flags as
mentioned above. It probably could be a plugin but also could be a
standalone java app using the wiki api's.... Right?!?!?

Thanks in advance.


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