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Fun: HOWTO Spot a Wannabe Web Standards Advocate

Jim Stuttard-3
Thought you might enjoy this.

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Subject: HOWTO Spot a Wannabe Web Standards Advocate
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 20:10:30 -0000


HOWTO Spot a Wannabe Web Standards Advocate

If there is a match, you have spotted a wannabe.

      * Talks about the importance of the alt tag.
      * Claims <b> and <i> are deprecated.
      * And spells it %u201Cdepreciated%u201D.
      * Uses <span style="font-style: italic;">, because <i> is
      * Wants software to use <em> and <strong> when the UI says
italic and bold.
      * Marks up quoted text as <cite>.
      * Complains about upper-case tags in HTML.
      * Claims XHTML 1.0 is more semantic than HTML 4.01.
      * Claims XHTML 1.0 is more structured than HTML 4.01.
      * Claims XHTML 1.0 is less presentational than HTML 4.01.
      * Claims browsers parse XHTML served as text/html faster than
they parse HTML.
      * Refers to %u201Cthe benefits of XHTML%u201D without specifying
what the benefits are.
      * Uses large XHTML 1.0 Transitional documents with table layouts
while claiming enhanced compatibility with handheld devices thanks to
      * %u201CFuture proofs%u201D a site by migrating from HTML 4.01
Transitional to XHTML 1.0 Transitional and keeps serving it as text/
html with all the old JavaScript scripts in place.
      * Uses the XML empty element notation on pages that are supposed
to be HTML pages.
      * Complains about doctypeless application/xhtml+xml or SVG
documents and smugly points to
      * Claims all tables are evil.
      * Advocates pixel-based absolute CSS positioning as the
righteous replacement for evil tables.
      * Changes //EN at the end of the public identifier in the
doctype to the language code of the language the page is written in.
      * Omits the namespace declaration in XHTML or SVG and claims it
is OK, because it validates.
      * Serves documents written using a home-grown XML vocabulary
along with an XSLT transformation to HTML to browsers instead of
serving HTML, because XML is more semantic.

-- HOWTO Spot a Wannabe Web Standards Advocate
Wed, 27 Jul 2005 17:06:31 GMT

Jim Stuttard

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