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Fwd: Does Social Login Application work ?

Marcelo Martins

I've been battling to get this extension to work in order to get Google
OAuth2 working. Is it not possible ?

Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS
Docker XWiki Enterprise 8.4.4 (mysql-tomcat)

I have already setup XWiki exactly how it is mentioned on Social Login
login doesn't display correctly, seems broken, but it does have the "sign
in with Google" link (not button). The login screen looks nothing like the
one in the Docs.

Also, login itself doesn't work, it just redirects back to the sign-in
screen over and over. The local admin account also becomes unable to login
after setting up the Social Login Settings.

I have used the Google Console to set the Credentials for the extension:
I provided the Redirect to be https://mydomain/bin/login/XWiki/XWikiLogin

I was under the impression that just creating a new credential under
Google's API Manager would be enough but I read on the users's list someone
mentioned to setup the Authorized API clients under the Manage API client
access, so I did so but no luck either.

Has anyone had success on setting this up with latest XWiki version ?

Any help appreciated