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It seems to me that this message did not make it on the list.

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From: Guillaume Laforge <[hidden email]>
Date: Feb 28, 2006 1:56 PM
Subject: Oracle support
To: [hidden email]


I've found a few references on xwiki.org mentionning that Oracle was
not perfectly supported, and that some actions had to be taken to make
XWiki work well on Oracle.

Could it be possible to know more about Oracle support? What's really
required to make XWiki work on Oracle? Are the instructions found on
xwiki.org still relevant with the latest version of XWiki? Has someone
been running the latest version of XWiki on Oracle 9i or 10g?

Thanks in advance for your answers,


Luis Arias
skype : kaaloo
+33 6 14 20 87 93 mobile

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