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Richter, Tobias
[[Note: The XWiki project is switching away from this mailing list and moving to a forum: This list will be made readonly in a few days. Please post on the forum from now on. Thanks.]]

Hi Everybody!

We went live with out XWiki last week, after three months of testing - and there is one issue about XWiki and GoogleAds.

Our Firewall blocks Googleads - every time when a user opens XWiki with the internet explorer there ist the security hint that

"there is no blocking information for the security certificate available".

When I click on "show certificate" I get the information, that the certificate has been issued for googleAds.

Does anybody know what XWiki has in common with googleAds and where I can  prevent Xwiki from "telephoning" home?

The Window with that hint appears everytime when xwiki is opened in a new IE-Window...

Thanx in advance...

Toby :)

- if anyone needs a script for the database-plugin for creating searchable phone-list - just write me :)! Ill send you the source-code