Is Xwiki the right Wiki for me?

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Is Xwiki the right Wiki for me?

Shiva Shankar
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I have been comparing the features of multiple wiki engines. Lately, i have started tilting more and more towards Xwiki for multiple reasons. It "feels" better thought out than many others.

My requirements are the following:

1. Documentation with revision history
2. Ability to connect to corporate databases and create small, simple applications, mostly forms
3. Good integration with other enterprise applications like Active Directory, ticketing system, monitoring etc
4. Wysiwyg editing for non-technical users

I assume that i have to do some scripting in either Groovy or Velocity. Being a UNIX admin myself with some Java and PHP experience, i am not sure how much i need to learn before i can become productive.
Is Xwiki overkill for my requirements? Do i need to hire a Java programmer?
Any thoughts appreciated.