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Major performance improvements

Ludovic Dubost


I'm glad to announce that has been upgraded with the latest
SVN version which includes major performance enhancements and is also
now setup as a Tomcat cluster.
The wikis that were transfered to the "pro" Java Virtual Machine are not
running in a cluster but their performance should be really good since
the load is limited.
The other wikis are running in cluster mode which should allow higher
availability with an automated JVM restart and load balancing over two

The performance enhancements are especially geared towards the
versioning system which was costing a lot of CPU especially due to
spamming which is creating hundreds of versions in XWiki documents all
over the wiki farm.
Now with the recent changes, reading and writing documents with hundreds
of version should be much more efficient.

Some areas still need improvements like saving a documents with a high
number of objets or listing all versions of a documents with a high
number of version (the default history page has been limited to 10
versions in order to reduce the load on the wiki farm).


Ludovic Dubost
Skype: ldubost AIM: nvludo Yahoo: ludovic

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