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NestedPagesMigration issue


I ran some NestedPagesMigration migrator ( Pages Migrator Application) tests before use it on my server.

Did you notice that the applcation didn't respect the checked action checkbox?

I click on "Compute plan", uncheck all pages checkbox but only one page checkbox with his children (ie sandbox with 3 children pages) and click on "execute plan" and log show that all pages are converted...:

Start the execution of the plan.
Converting [xwiki:Encyclopédie.SMQ-P3 : Forge et autres outils] to [xwiki:Encyclopédie.SMQ-P3 : Forge et autres outils].
Converting [xwiki:Encyclopédie.Enterprise Architect] to [xwiki:Encyclopédie.Enterprise Architect.WebHome].
Converting [xwiki:Encyclopédie.TMA 2016 - Groupe de travail] to [xwiki:Encyclopédie.TMA 2016 - Groupe de travail].
Converting [xwiki:Encyclopédie.TMA DCE 2016 - Pièces constitutives] to [xwiki:Encyclopédie.TMA DCE 2016 - Pièces constitutives.WebHome].
Converting [xwiki:Sandbox.WebHome] to [xwiki:Sandbox.WebHome].
Converting [xwiki:Sandbox.TestPage1] to [xwiki:Sandbox.TestPage1.WebHome].

I use Nested Pages Migrator Application 0.7 on xwiki 8.4.4 (after xwiki 7.0.1 upgrade)


Pascal B