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News about the project and XWiki 1.0

Ludovic Dubost


I wanted to give some news about the project and XWiki 1.0 because a lot
has been going on in the last week.

Thanks to our clients in 2005 and a good start in 2006, we have been
able to grow the team and invest a little to improve XWiki and our
organization. I'm saying a little because it's still risky to have more
full-time employees but we have had the opportunity to get more interns
on board and also to launch an off-shore team in Vietnam.

As some of you might have been seen, there has been more commits in the
last two weeks. The main reason was that I have been in Hanoi, Vietnam
to train our new team there. I'm happy to present you Nam and Chung who
have joined our team and will be working on the XWiki 1.0 code. During
the two weeks a few enhancements have been made on the attachment code
and on error handling. Work is also undergoing to improve the WYSIWYG
Editor created during the Summer of Code project.

In addition to that, we have a new intern (Jean-Vincent) who have joined
the team last Monday. Jean-Vincent is from Epitech (the same school as
Jeremi) and already has some very interesting Open Source business
experience since he worked for IdealX and Linbox. We are very happy to
have Jean-Vincent join us. The main objective will be that Jean-Vincent
works on the XWiki 1.0 release as the lead developer and project
manager. The current objectives for the 1.0 are easy of use and
reliability. We are of course always open to suggestions on what should
be or not in the 1.0 version. The roadmap is in JIRA. The first
objective is to release an updated version called 1.0 Beta 1 which would
have the WYSIWYG Editor in Beta.

Also Jeremi has done great work from Dalian in China (I would never have
thought having so much relationship with Asia !) to help organize the
community and also helped a lot answering questions in the users and dev
mailing list. On this subject I also want to thank other XWiki users and
developers because everytime a question is answered by a member of the
community it is very valuable time that I actually save (my kid is also
grateful that his dad closes the laptop sometimes). Jeremi's
responsibility will be to make sure that the community's voice will be
heard during the road to XWiki 1.0.

Thanks again for all your support and interest in XWiki. Welcome to the
new team members.


Ludovic Dubost
Skype: ldubost AIM: nvludo Yahoo: ludovic

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