On Global TPC report and failing tests for 20190202

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On Global TPC report and failing tests for 20190202

Hi devs,

FYI I’ve analyzed the job log for http://maven.xwiki.org/site/clover/20190202/XWikiReport-20190101-2330-20190202-0222.html and found that:

* The report only shows 3 failing tests (excluding WCAG+validation) when in practice there are 44 failing tests…
* Some of them are being we’re missing the clover jar in some classpath
* Others are flickers
* Others are failing because of the clover instrumentation

The list of failing tests can be seen at http://maven.xwiki.org/site/clover/20190202/clover-commons+rendering+platform-20190202-0222/test-pkg-summary.html

Note that the numbers there are not correct. See also https://massol.myxwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Blog/GlobalLocalCoverage#HAdditionalLearnings

So there’s work to do before we can have a good global coverage value we can believe in. On short: we should be better than what is indicated.