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PDF Viewer - on demand configuration

I'm trying to setup an information page and wanted to see if someone has any ideas on how I can do this more easily.  Since this is for several annual event information pages, doing the maintenance post-event to move/ delete 20+ pages each time is not a feasible solution.

Here's my idea for a 'better way'

I have a single Agenda page which shows the overall agenda for the event.  Each session is linked to a specific information page for that session.  (This is already in place).
All of these info pages are essentially PDF's which I'm using the PDFViewer macro to display (primarily to resolve user-browser handling of PDFs differences).  The pages also have handouts attached as documents - and displayed in-page using the AttachmentViewer macro.  

This is all working, but I would like to see if on the Agenda page, the link could go to a SINGLE PDF Viewer page that would display the appropriate PDF for the link clicked.  I'm likely going to move all of the attachments to a single page anyway, so that's not particularly an issue.  I don't know if the link on the agenda page can act like a form submission and configure the PDFViewer on-click to display different PDF's.

Your thoughts?

Paul Pinkerton
KnowledgeNow Project/ ACLCO
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