Passing param's with translation key's

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Passing param's with translation key's

Gerritjan Koekkoek-2
Imagine this translation bundle:



WaihonaCode.qbiClass_l1=I can {0} pass {1} {2} params too using the Java MessageFormat syntax

my question:

With app-within-minutes the following syntax is generated

; <label for="WaihonaCode.qbiClass_0_l1">$escapetool.xml($doc.displayPrettyName("l1", false, false))</label>

$doc.displayPrettyName("l1", false, false) will somehow look for a key: WaihonaCode.qbiClass_l1

Can we somehow pass the parameters as expected in the translation bundle with the displayPrettyName?

If not what would be the code I need to enter to replace the functionality provided displayPrettyName

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