Problem - Failed to load rights for user

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Problem - Failed to load rights for user


We faced with next error on xwiki version 6.4-milestone-2 (it stable work ~1 year, but the number of users increased and problem appeared some weeks ago):

At random time no one cannot access to any xwiki page (admins also) - in interface we see message that we have no right to access this page.

In output log we find errors such as (pages in the log as well as users can be different):

2015-09-02 07:13:02,630 [http://domainxwiki/xwiki/bin/jsx/AnnotationCode/Script?language=ru] ERROR c.i.DefaultSecurityCacheLoader - Failed to load the cache in 5 attempts.  Giving up.
2015-09-02 07:13:02,631 [http://domainxwiki/xwiki/bin/jsx/AnnotationCode/Script?language=ru] ERROR .a.DefaultAuthorizationManager - Failed to load rights for user [xwiki:XWiki.testuser] on [xwiki:AnnotationCode.Script].

Only reboot helped us to avoid this error. But errors after some days appear again.

How we can solve this problem?