Problem in Installation of new ckeditor plugins

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Problem in Installation of new ckeditor plugins

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I am trying to add new plugin for ckeditor. I am following this procedure.

I did this:
1] downloaded the plugin on server at: xwiki/resources/ckeditorPlugins/bootstrapTabs/plugin.js
2] created a javascript skin extension object and pasted:
    require(['deferred!ckeditor'], function(ckeditorPromise) {
        ckeditorPromise.done(function(ckeditor) {
       ckeditor.plugins.addExternal('tabs', "$xwiki.getSkinFile('xwiki/resources/ckeditorPlugins/bootstrapTabs/plugin.js')");
3] Enabled the plugin in the CKEditor configuration:
    config.extraPlugins = 'tabs';
 I also tried using different ways of relative address in getSkinFile().

Problem: The ckeditor doesn't load at all when I make these changes. The loading symbol appears but after that, only a blank screen in place of editor.

I am struggling for much time now, any help is immensely appreciated.