Problem with 'Inline Tag Edition Snippet'

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Problem with 'Inline Tag Edition Snippet'


Seems to me there is a bug with this snippet. It renders fine, displays the existing tags, etc. The problem arises when you try to add new tags using this.


I replace the 'Tag Panel' code with the snippet code, and change the 'panel type' to 'view', then add the panel to one of the menu bars (left or right).

I browse to a space that has no tags on it, and use the panel to add 2 new tags (type the tags in the textbox and press 'update' button).  The two tags were like this:


But, when I click the 'update' button, it applies the tag to the page, but instead of seeing two tags titled 'tag_1' and 'tag_2', I see one tag titled 'tag_1 tag_2'.

Has anyone else seen this problem, or know how to fix it? The code snippet is available here.