Problems with XWiki links with non-alphanumeric characters

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Problems with XWiki links with non-alphanumeric characters

Stephen Schaub
Here's an issue I feel should be addressed before the 1.0 release:

Create a wiki page with links like the following:

[Images: Good or Bad?]

[C++ Examples]

XWiki renders the first link like this:

<a class="wikicreatelink" href=""><span class="wikicreatelinktext">Images:
Good or Bad?</span><span class="wikicreatelinkqm">?</span></a>

It's completely broken. The second link is rendered like this:

<span class="wikilink"><a href="/xwiki/bin/view/Sandbox/C+++Examples">C++

XWiki should be able to gracefully handle Wiki links with non alpha-numeric

Here are my thoughts on a solution to the problem:

1. When rendering a Wiki link, XWiki could strip out all non-alphanumeric
characters. Thus, a link like [Images: Good or Bad?] would render as <a
href="/.../ImagesGoodorBad">Images: Good or Bad?</a>. Benefits:
Straightforward to implement. Yields nice clean document names. Drawbacks:
Presents backwards compatibility problems; several different Wiki links
could map to the same document name.

2. XWiki could perform URL encoding on the Wiki links. Benefits: Better
backwards compatibility (I think). Drawbacks: Yucky document names.

Perhaps there are other solutions somewhere in between. My personal
preference is #1. Backwards compatibility could perhaps be addressed with a
configuration option switch.

I created a Jira issue for this:



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