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[Proposal] Roadmap for XS 11.0

Hi devs,

New year, new cycle starting! :)

Here’s a proposal for XS 11.0 (already discussed with devs from XWiki SAS). The idea of XS 11.0 is double:
* Finish leftovers from 10.11.x
* Start important refactorings that can be dangerous

XS 11.0 - January

* Finish important leftovers from 2018
* Do some refactoring/core changes since they may require time to stabilize

Leftovers from 10.x:
* Marius/Adel: Auto complete of references in WYSIWYG Macro Dialog (+ grouping feature so that users don't get both "page" and "reference" at the same time + "deprecated"/"priority" to show "page" more proeminently than "reference")
* Simon: Import: make it work with new versions of Libre Office (idea: use a more recent fork of jodconverter, we identified one and check if we need to merge changes we did in our fork)
* All: Fix all WCAG failing tests and more generally move to WCAG 2.1 (https://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG21/) - Rationale: usability through accessibility, current failing test reducing trust in CI
* Thomas: Fix filesystem storage: https://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XWIKI-15620

New topics:
* All: BFD (Priority on Notifications for Guillaume)
* STAMP research project: Vincent(30%)
* FASTEN research project: Vincent (20%) + Thomas (30%)
* Marius: Ability to rename an AWM app
* Simon: Fix caching of JS resources forcing reload when upgrading XWiki. Especially for the Navigation Panel.
* Adel: Upgrade to Hibernate 5.x
* Thomas: Move to Velocity 2.x

* 11.0RC1: 21st of Jan 2019
* 11.0: 28th of Jan

As usual:
* Feedback welcome especially if you don’t think something is doable
* Any other contributor/committer who want to do something for XS 11.0 is free to add more stuff here to the list
* Devs: This proposal is now live on https://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Roadmaps/. Please edit and list (create them if need be) the individual JIRA issues needed for your tasks.