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Question about authentication

Matthew Conway
I'd like to be able to use XWiki with an alternate source for user
authentication and I thought creating my own auth service might do the
trick.  However, on further thought, I'm not sure how this would work -
doesn't the XWiki user document still need to exist as a place to store
user settings (e.g email notification plugin stores an object there)?  I
dug around a bit in the LDAP service code, and don't see anywhere where
it creates the xwiki user document, so I'm wondering what I'm missing.  
I was thinking that maybe it should should auth the user then create the
user doc if it doesn't already exist.  I guess the code/pages I have
that register that user could also send a message to xwiki to create the
user, but for LDAP user management clients that may not be possible, so
I must be missing something.

Is there a better way to do auth that I don't know about?  Our user data
is in a set of DB tables.



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