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Thomas Mortagne

Your candidacy does seems interesting but the policy at XWiki is to talk
with the community ideally, not just the official mentor. Basically the
mentor is the community but I have the duty to make sure the student will
have answers to his/her questions and follow the his/her progress ;)

The XWiki main REST API is documented on and the
good news is that some of the limitations the API had last year that Fitz
had to work around during the GSOC project have been fixed since. Still
ideally this application should work with the oldest possible version of
XWiki and not require anything newer than 8.4.x which is the current LTS.

On Sun, Mar 5, 2017 at 2:39 PM, Pawan Pal <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Hi Thomas,
> I am Pawan Pal an Undergraduate student in University of Delhi, India. I
> have experience in Android Development (My GitHub Profile
> <>). I am an open source enthusiast, Udacity
> Android Developer Nanodegree holder also have working experience in
> organizations.
> I looked in to the Current codebase of Android Authenticator. I need the
> XWiki Rest api documentations which is used in the app.
> I also like to do major improvements such as using Retrofit2 library for
> rest client with okhttp. Also using RxJava2 can improve the codebase.
> Although the codebase is well structured. But it would be best if we use
> Google's MVP (model view presenter) architecture for android. The code
> maintainibility will become much easier then. Right now most of the classes
> have 500+ lines of code.
> Thanks. Please reply!
> --
> Pawan Pal
> * <> *
> *B.Tech (Information Technology and Mathematical Innovation)*
> *Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi*

Thomas Mortagne