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Jean-Vincent Drean
2007/10/10, V. Harikrishnan Nair <[hidden email]>:
> Hi all,
>  I just changed my xwiki skin to Finch and I noticed my username
> (superadmin) displayed on the top right corner as the line below -
> $xwiki.getDocument($context.user).display("first_name", "view",
> $xwiki.getDocument($context.user).getObject("XWiki.XWikiUsers", 0))'s
> profile

We have let finch and dodo in the skins directory but they are not
supported anymore, a lot of features developed since xwiki 0.9 are
only available from the albatross skin.

BTW your problem comes from the fact that superadmin doesn't have a
profile page (ie : $xwiki.getDocument($context.user)). I think you can
resolve your problem by creating a XWiki.superamin wiki page and by
adding a XWiki.XWikiUsers object into it, by hand.

> And why can't I use pictures which are not of the specific size mentioned
> (200x70) as my logo ?

Since images width and height are mandatory in xhtml we cannot have an
"auto-resizable" image. (It would be possible to retrieve logo width &
height during the rendering to set the html attributes dynamicaly, any
help would be appreciated :) )

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