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Ludovic Dubost

Hi, you can use HTML in XWiki pages so using styles with "width, float
and clear" allows to do this.
Now a nice macro would be great, so I tried to do a set of macros that
simplifies creating an InfoBox.

Check it out at:


BKY wrote:

> Hi,
> I read all the help on Xwiki I could find, but I didn't see anything
> about how to put a table on the site of text for an infobox, like on
> Wikipedia (like: , I want
> the info box (table) on the side of text so it does not take up all
> the page)
> If it's done with a table, I don't know how to do it. If I put a table
> tag for splitting the infobox and text, the tag will just be ended
> with the table tag for the info box (as the tag to start a table is
> the same as the one that ends it).
> So, how do I put a table off to the side of the page?

Ludovic Dubost
Skype: ldubost AIM: nvludo Yahoo: ludovic

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