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Thomas Mortagne
Hi Sarthak,

Glad to see someone interrested in this project !

On Fri, Mar 10, 2017 at 4:35 PM, Sarthak Gupta
<[hidden email]> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am Sarthak Gupta, a first year undergraduate from Birla Institute of
> Technology, Ranchi, India. I am looking forward to participate in GSoc17
> with the organisation. I am good at several languages like HTML, CSS,
> JavaScript and C. I have a basic knowledge of Java.
> While going through the ideas page, I found that the project "Translation
> in context"
> HTranslationincontext
> would be interesting for me to work on.
> This is what I understood:
> So, the X-wiki provides a 'translation macro' which is of course used to
> translate content. So, as far as I think, this translation macro will be
> used in a more better way to translate the content on the page. As given we
> will be able to select and translate any given content on the webpage.
> Using HTML5 renderer, I will be able to find the translation macro(how to
> do that is my pain I guess :P). Then as given in examples (like
>, I should be able to incorporate it into the webpage.
> Please correct  me if something's wrong.

> Also some guidance on the line "The idea is also to make easy to contribute
> to from your local wiki by sending your corrections
> to it." is required. is where we actually store reference
translations and where translator can contribute right now. The idea
would be to translate directly in the wiki and then (automatically or
not) send the translations from your XWiki instance to
(if you have an account). You could see this as a commit/push.

> Sarthak Gupta

Thomas Mortagne