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Guillaume Lerouge
I am currently working on improving the documentation about the default XWiki on In the process, a lot of information is added, but Vincent pointed out to me that this information is sometimes related to the default behavior of any XWiki (eg, "a page is edited when clicking on the "edit" button) and at some other times related to a particular XWiki (eg, "the search page looks like this if you are using the XWiki 1.0 B6 XAR").

The problem lies in the fact that a new user might get confused when accessing the documentation and not be able to distinguish between necessary features (which are included in XWiki's core, hence present on every XWiki) and contingent features (which depend on the XAR used for instance).

It would be useful to find a solution in order to separate the different kinds of documentation on In the process, it might be necessary to keep in mind that we could someday release different XARs aiming at different purposes ("XWiki for developers", "XWiki for architects", ...) with a new release of the core.

There are different types of potential solutions to this:
  • Creating badges saying "this refers to the default XWiki instance / XWiki 1.0B5 Xar / Another XAR only" and placing it where needed;
  • Creating an entirely different section to document features present only on a specific XWiki instance / xar;
  • Another type of solution - original input welcome :-)
And then the whole thing needs to be clear and easy to browse for users seeking for a specific piece of information... Any suggestions?


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