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State of Velocity 2.0 upgrade

Thomas Mortagne
Hi devs,

Some of you may know that I started working on upgrading our scripting
engine to Velocity 2.0.

The corresponding Jira issue is

Those of you who want to take a look at breakages with standard
Velocity 2.0 upgrade (if you directly use Velocity API) can take a
look at

The following details are about XWiki Velocity "engine":

= The code

You can see the current state of the upgrade on the following branches:


= Bad news

== Definitive (probably) breakages

* it was not easy in Velocity 1.7 but it's now impossible in Velocity
2.0 to use the hack we currently use to make macro "return" something.
I mitigated this a bit by working on a #setVariable directive (the
name of the helper we currently have in macros.vm) but it's not yet
working in all situations and any code that was not going trough
#setVariable will be broken anyway
* the hypen ( - ) cannot be used in variable names anymore

Those changes make impossible to upgrade to Velocity 2.0 in 10.x
branch IMO, to big to be done in the middle of a cycle.

== Temporary (hopefully) breakages

* impossible to have $ or # at the end of a " based string literal (we
have that a lot in various regex for example). This looks like an
unplanned regression (since it's not documented) so I'm waiting for
some kind reaction in the issues I reported
( and

== Not too impacting (hopefully) breakages

The Velocity API changed quite a lot, fortunately not in classes we
expose publicly (basically all we expose is VelocityContext). Also
reminder: directly manipulating even XWiki Velocity API is considered
legacy things (better use templates or wiki content and

= Good news

== Macros handling

The way to manage namespaces and macros has been completely changed
(it does mean that lots of API has been broken in the process but we
don't expose this API) and the good news is the new design will allow
us to (finally) do proper caching of velocity scripts.

I also removed a few hacks we had to do to not end up with endless
memory leaks and milti-thread issues caused by the old namespace
handling system.

== Less stuff on our side

I was able to move the following to legacy:
* an equivalent of our chainable uberspector system has been
implemented in Velocity standard
* a DeprecatedCheckUberspector has been implemented in Velocity standard

== Retro compatibility I was able to add

* XWiki will keep supporting $velocityCount and $velocityHasNext (with
a warning). It imply using XWikiVelocityContext instead of
VelocityContext if you create it directly (which is a very bad idea)
but you don't need to worry about that if you get your context from
* a new #setVariable directive help supporting a few use case of macro
"return" but unfortunately not all yet (Velocity AST is not super
obvious to navigate...)

== Performances

Other than the caching on our side I already mentioned (huge boost
planned when implemented) there is some memory and performance
improvements claims in Velocity 2.0 release note (but I did not had
time to do any testing myself yet).


a) waiting for answer about the regressions I reported
b) try find a way to make #setVariable directive works in a macro
which is itself called in another macro (but it may not be possible)
c) send a mail to discuss when to merge the Velocity 2 branch when at
least a) is resolved

Thomas Mortagne