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Timothee Peignier
I'm currently trying to create a survey feature :

Currently, it works without complete translation and a painful piece of
code :

I'm facing somes problems :
- Translatable property value doesn't exists, useful for ListClass
- Separated label and value in select (ListClass).
- No getBooleanValue method in BaseCollection.

Not real problems :
- Lack of documentation. At least commented XWiki API Documentation
could be really helpful.
- 'Turns You Crazy' API : The difference between Document and
XWikiDocument is thin but crucial, same with Class and BaseClass and
many others. It's sometimes killing simplicity in the name of
abstraction : doc.getxWikiClass().getXWikiClass().getFieldList()

So if you could help or give me any hints/advice to add this feature in
xwiki, or if an more easy/universal way to add this feature in xwiki
exists, tell me.

Best regards,


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