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Troubles with Document Tree


We decided to use XWiki as our company wiki. I am trying to configure it, but currently I'm stuck at implementing a very simple Document Tree as a panel. Our Wiki is in one space : Main, which contains three children pages, let's say Our A, Our B and Our C. I'm trying to build a document tree to list all the subpages starting to Our A instead of Main.
Currently, using this reference as root:
$services.model.createDocumentReference('xwiki', 'Main', 'WebHome')
I can build a document tree showing the 3 sub-pages. However, I couldn't manage to catch the reference of one of the sub-page. I tried :
$services.model.createDocumentReference('xwiki', 'Main', 'Our A')
$services.model.createDocumentReference('xwiki', 'Main.Our A', 'WebHome')
$services.model.createDocumentReference('xwiki', 'Our A', 'WebHome')
but none of them is working. I don't know if the problem comes from the space, or if I'm not getting at all the notion of spaces and pages (which is deprecated from what I read).

Thank you for your help,