Weird issue in security cache

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Weird issue in security cache

Hi XWiki devs,
We ran into a weird issue on XWiki security cache. Our entire security cache
is purged every 4 hours.
Some background about our setup:
We retrieve users’ group membership from LDAP
We set a 4 hour expiration time on the cache(as below) because LDAP records
may update at any time.
<local-cache name="">
  <eviction max-entries="50000" strategy="LRU"/>
  <-- 4 hours -->
  <expiration lifespan="14400000"/>

To our understanding, each cache entry should have its own timer which
expires after 4 hours.
But what we observe from JMX dashboard is that the entire security cache is
being purged every 4 hours.
Security cache JMX diagram:
Our user group has similar issue but purge irregularly:

This problem is cause big performance issue in our system. We can’t figure
out the root case. Any pointer will be highly appreciated.

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