Work undergoing on the WYSIWYG Editor - Testers needed

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Work undergoing on the WYSIWYG Editor - Testers needed

Ludovic Dubost


We have currently some work undergoing on the WYSIWYG Editor by Nam.

We would love some testers and get feedback about it. To test it on your
installation, you need to replace the tiny_mce and wiki_editor
directories with the one from the attachment on jira.

Here is currently my feedback about the editor:

- The style does not switch to standard text when you hit enter after a
title (that's a behavior that would be great)
- the window size is not good for the table window
- If you finish a bloc in a table with a carriage return and an empty
line the conversion fails. Here is an example of that failure.

Title 1|Title 2
abcd |abcd\\


- an empty line in a table fails to convert to wysiwyg from the wiki syntax


- titles should not be allowed in list
- there should be a standard text button (first item in the title list)
- windows are too slow to come up
- translations appear after a while in the windows
- clicking on an image and then the image button does not retrieve the
current image parameters.
- you need to find a way to center an image (the text 'center' as the
alignement info could add a <div align='center'> tag).
- xwiki  should find the windows size ratio of an image and/or explain
to the user that setting up only the width or the height will take care
of preserving the ratio
- font size, color, and type should be changeable
- other improvements would be predefined and customizable styles in the


Ludovic Dubost
Skype: ldubost AIM: nvludo Yahoo: ludovic

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