XML/RPC, renderContent does not return valid HTML

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XML/RPC, renderContent does not return valid HTML

Jaroslav Pšenička
Hi all,

just working with XML/RPC interface, namely the renderContent(String token, String spaceKey, String pageId, String content) method. The documentation (on confluence site) says: "If 'content' is provided, then that is rendered as if it were the body of the page (useful for a 'preview page' function)". I expect the method returns valid and complete HTML code as is returned during "preview" of wiki pages.

Is this expectation correct?

Unfortunatelly, the code returned does not seem to be complete and valid HTML, there are <html> and other formal elements missing (this is a minor problem). The major problem is, that the code does not refer to any stylesheet; the page is rendered in "default" style, where tables has no borders etc.

Any hints?



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