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Nebojša Miletić-2

Hi all

I am working on the form editor, and I have problem with modifying of some class.
You have something like this:
#set($classdoc = ...some class doc...)
#set($someXML = $classdoc.getXMLContent())

I want to change the class on the client side in certain way (e.g. add some property). When I finish, I get the xml of the saved class, generate xml of the modified version and I should compare them. So, I have to traverse both xml dom trees and see if there is any difference. The problem is....

When I am doing that in a HTML page, the dom operation myNode.nodeName returns the name of the node with all letters in UPPERCASE. And the properties in XWiki are of course case sensitive.

Any suggestion how to do this xml comparison?

Or some other way to compare the saved and the modified version of the class?


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