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[XWiki Day] Test Day #3

Thomas Mortagne
Hi devs,

The idea today is to do a Test Day with priority to fixing long
standing flickering (integration mostly) tests.

You can find known flickering tests on
http://jira.xwiki.org/issues/?filter=14240. The goal is to really fix
them, not just add some random wait here and there ;)

If you are really not confident with the area around those specific
flickering tests here are some other ideas for this kind of Day:
* obviously add more tests and increase the code coverage
* move tests from enterprise to platform. Needed for the platform
flavor and removal of XE
* update jacoco covering setup (we often forget to increase it when
adding more tests)
* move more tests from JMock to Mockito
* work on new test setups and tools:
** improve docker containers for packaging XWiki (possibly several for
multiple DBs and Servlet containers).
** work on spreading Jenkins platform job into one job per maven
module so that build can be spread on various agents (groovy
** Research/Use Jenkins 2 Pipeline plugin with the new DSL and commit
the jenkinsfile in SCM
** Test platform to run contrib extension tests on various versions of
XWiki automatically
* Speedup existing tests (research xwiki startup time, remove
unnecessary modules, etc)

When what you fix can be linked to an issue, tag it with "testday"
(same idea as "bugfixingday" when doing BFD). If not then answer to
this mail to explain what you did.

Good Test Day !