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[XWiki Day] Test Day #6

Thomas Mortagne
Hi devs,

The idea today is to do a Test Day with priority to fixing long
standing flickering (integration mostly) tests.

You can find known flickering tests on
http://jira.xwiki.org/issues/?filter=14240. The goal is to really fix
them, not just add some random wait here and there ;)

If you are not confident with the area around those specific
flickering tests here are some other ideas for today:
* obviously add more tests and increase the code coverage
* move tests from enterprise to platform. Needed for the platform
flavor and removal of XE
* update jacoco covering setup (we often forget to increase it when
adding more tests)
* move more tests from JMock to Mockito
* work on new test setups and tools:
** improve docker containers for packaging XWiki (possibly several for
multiple DBs and Servlet containers).
** work on spreading Jenkins platform job into one job per maven
module so that build can be spread on various agents (groovy
** Research/Use Jenkins 2 Pipeline plugin with the new DSL and commit
the jenkinsfile in SCM
** Test platform to run contrib extension tests on various versions of
XWiki automatically
* Speedup existing tests (research xwiki startup time, remove
unnecessary modules, etc)

When what you fix can be linked to a Jira issue (sure you can create a
jira issue for adding new tests this time :)), tag it with "testday"
(same idea as "bugfixingday" when doing BFD). If not then answer to
this mail to explain what you did.

Good Test Day !