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captcha - some progress - stuck now!

Dear All

I am trying to get a captcha to work, and am struggling.

If i go to edit the register page and edit the code I can get a captcha
field to display :-) along with an input box.

This is what I did:
#if ($xwiki.jcaptcha.verifyCaptcha("CaptchaName"))
#if ($context.user=="XWiki.XWikiGuest")
<img style="border: solid 1px #000000" src="$doc.getURL("jcaptcha")">
<br /> Please type the captcha below:*
<br /> <input size="40" type="text" name="jcaptcha_response" /> <br />


I have searched through this mail group and read several posts on using this

I have tried altering the action thus:
    <form id="register" action="captcha.vm" method="post">

but that didn't seem to do much (well, anything really!)

I have also tried this
7976 frm Sachin Mittal at the very bottom - but I am lost!

Could somebody please help?


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