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[contrib] Livetable exporter macro extension request

Stéphane Laurière-6
Hi everyone,

I'd like to propose an evolution of the livetable Excel export macro [1] so as to support CSV export, and possibly ODS in the future. I'm adding Anca and Guilhaume as original authors (and we discussed the idea with Anca). Since the existing macro name would not match with this new functional perimeter, my proposal would be to create a new macro that we could call "livetable exporter macro". This macro would be at first a copy of the existing one in order to keep the source code history tree, and then it would evolve on its own.

Hence my question: would you approve the creation of a "macro-livetable-exporter" repository on github.com/xwiki-contrib, and an LTEXP project in JIRA?

[1] <https://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/LiveTableExcelExport Macro>



Stéphane Laurière
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