getUserName vs. getLocalUserName in templates

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getUserName vs. getLocalUserName in templates

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scanning the template directory you realize that sometimes getLocalUserName is used and on the other hand getUserName is used as well. We would prefer to find only one of these API calls in .vm templates.

Using XE with XEM we realized a performance benefit in managing our users in our main XWiki. Opening of pages for editing is much quicker then by manage users in each virtual wiki. It's because a list of possible local users is build to grant access rights.
We are using global groups of our global users to manage access rights in virtual wikis.

To view the user names at documents, history, ... we have to change all .vm entries to getUserName by now (XE 1.7.1).

Is it possible to let the getLocalUserName API look first in the local wiki and if there is no user page to lookup in the main XWiki? I think that a substitution of getLocalUserName to getUserName in all .vm may not work for everybody out there.

Just a proposal. Realy nice work. We will upgrade to XE & XEM 2.x next month.