i got an "null value at unknown namespace" error

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i got an "null value at unknown namespace" error


I'm testing XE 2.6 with XEM. My plugins/applications are
- xwiki-application-application-manager-1.16.xar
- xwiki-application-wiki-manager-1.22.xar
- xwiki-enterprise-manager-application-xem-2.6.xar
(corresponding .jar files are at WEB-INF\lib)

Our Environment is Jboss 4.2.1 web server and Oracle 10g database.

There is a problem with the Activity Stream at the homepages of the farm members.
The "Activity Stream" keeps empty and there are some identical lines within the jboss console log:
15:50:59,267 ERROR [DefaultVelocityEngine] Left side ($events.size()) of '>' operation has null value at unknown namespace[line 648, column 21]

After disabling the "Right column" of the Dashboard page the error does not appeare.

The error does not happen at the master wiki of the farm (http://localhost/xwiki/bin/view/Main/Dashboard), only at all member wikis.

Do you have a hint where to look further?