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problem with edit locks

Matthew Conway
It doesn't seem like holding an edit lock is required for a save, is  
this intentional?

If user A edits first, then user B edits either after the lock times  
out or forces the lock, whoever saves first will unknowingly lose  
their changes when the second user saves- the changes will still be  
in the history, but neither user will know that something has gone  

This seems like a bug to me, but wanted to check first.

I've already created a feature request for optimistic locking which  
if fixed would address this ( 
XWIKI-175), but maybe this should be patched in the meantime.  Maybe  
when the 2nd user saves we should redirect back to edit with the  
first users changes in the text area, and a nice message explaining  
that the 2nd user needs to merge their changes in, with their changes  
presented  elsewhere on the page for easy cut n paste.


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